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June 13, 2015


The Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation is Shutting Down the Wolfstock Music Festival


The Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation has decided to shut down the Wolfstock Music Festival for now. "It has been great fun and we have helped raise money for good causes but we feel this has run its course for now" says John Scrivner, one of the foundation's directors and a regular performer at the events.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished as a foundation and as a community working together in supporting art scholarships for MVTHS students and helping the American Cancer Society” said Kim Thacker, the foundation’s treasurer and executive director for the Wolfstock Music Festival.

The Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation is made up of three board members. They are:

Travis Thacker - President

Kim Thacker – Secretary / Treasurer

John Scrivner - Director

The Wolfstock Music Festival has been the yearly fund raising event for the Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation which has been held 6 of the last 7 years years, starting in 2008.

We thank all of our bands, volunteers, City of Mt. Vernon, friends and family who have been supportive of our event. It is possible it could make a comeback someday but at this time the plan is to shut the event down.


About Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation:

The Foundation was formed in 2008 as a way to honor the life of Bob Troutt who was a local artist, arborist, Green Beret veteran who served in Vietnam and mentor to “at risk” kids. Bob Troutt painted the murals on the walls of the Jefferson County Courthouse depicting the history of Jefferson County and at the Granada Theater with another local artist, Jim Orrison, Bob often drew and painted local musicians as they performed and created the album artwork for some local artists including Gene Hood’s “Out of the Clouds” album. Bob served as a Green Beret in Vietnam and then returned home and aided in interests to speak out against the war. Bob had a college degree in forestry. Bob died from pancreatic cancer in 2007. With much of Bob’s life focused on art and with it ending so early from cancer it was decided by Travis Thacker, Bob’s son, Kim Thacker, Travis’ wife, and John Scrivner, Bob’s close friend that a foundation should be created in his honor. In 2008 that foundation was created with a music festival called “Wolfstock”.


About the Wolfstock Music Festival:

Upon Bob’s death the thought of Bob’s memory fading just did not sit well with all who knew and loved him. He was a great man. Many would say he was a legendary figure and that his history must be remembered. Bob used to host live local music at his farm on Old Union Lane. He loved to entertain, dance and listen to the music. Bob was often called the “Wolfman” because of his affinity for wolves. It was decided that a music festival should be held in his honor. The name “Wolfstock” was suggested by John Scrivner. The event started as little more than a small backyard party and has grown over 7 years to become one of the most well-known music festivals in Southern Illinois.






Why is there a Wolfstock and why do the bands play?


Wolfstock always strives to bring top shelf local entertainment willing to play for free to support the Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation's efforts of raising money for the American Cancer Society and for an art scholarship. We have raised thousands of dollars and had a great time along the way. Come see why the best music and the most fun defines your time at Wolfstock every year. It is the perfect way to see our summer off to a glorious close and do some good for the world!.








The History of Bob Troutt and Wolfstock

Wolfstock is a music festival held to honor the memory of our friend Bob Troutt (a.k.a the Wolfman). Bob was a Green Beret in Vietnam and a well-known local artist. He painted the murals found in the lobby of our Granada Theater and in the lobby of the Jefferson County Courthouse. Bob was known world-wide for many of his commercial artworks featured in Soldier of Fortune and other publications. Examples of his artwork can still be seen at his website http://greywolf-graphics.com/


Bob was a hero of the common man. He wanted to lift everyone around him to be all they ever dreamed they could be. Bob could find the good in you and would make sure it shown through.


Bob loved all forms of art. He had a special love of local music. It was not at all uncommon to see Bob at local shows drawing or painting. His artwork adorned the covers of albums of local artists such as Gene Hood's "Out of the Clouds" album. Bob held many outdoor parties at his farm featuring local music.


Sadly we lost Bob to cancer in 2007. Shortly after his death a few of us decided we needed a tribute to Bob's memory. Wolfstock and the Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation were born from that decision. The music festival is held once a year to raise funds to give to charity. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and the Bob Troutt Memorial Art Scholarship. The Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation is a legal 501c3 as determined by the IRS. 





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Tent Camping & Lawn Chairs Allowed!!

~ No RVs or Trailer Campers~

~ No Coolers - No illegal drugs~



Wolfstock was created to honor the memory of our friend Bob Troutt (aka. The Wolfman).  It is the fundraising event for the Bob Troutt Memorial Foundation which is a registered and legal 501c3 non-profit charity. Proceeds from this event will go to the American Cancer Society and an art scholarship in Bob's name. Don’t expect a funeral style gathering though.  Bob would want us all to have fun and jam. That’s what we’ll do!